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Nam: Kizami Aka
class: soul reaper.
type. Arrancar
sealed: Fenikkusu
second state: nenshou fenikkusu ousama
final state: karite kami fenikkusu
Mask: covers whole face, leaves the back of the head free, grows hair.  four small slits for eyes, opposite of one another and in a row.  eyes carved as crest moons laying face down.  smile is shown with bone stitches through the smile.
final states ability:  releases heat in a 50 mile radius, gets hotter every ten seconds and can reach to the temperature of the sun.
attacks: nenshou toku, nenshou kachuu, and nenshou taihou.

i got bored so i thought i make this, not so good with japanese.  so forgive please.
  • Mood: Horror
  • Listening to: when they cry
  • Reading: into the wild
  • Watching: hitman reborn
  • Playing: fallout3
  • Eating: fried chicken
  • Drinking: Jones soda
oakthecrusedlciehog Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
can i have the link
ilovesakuino Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011
I made one but its a lot better then yours.
Name: Raiankūpā - Ryan cooper.
Age: 13.
Hair Style: Spiky.
Hair Colure: Pure white.
Eye Colure: Electric Blue with white streaks.
Weapon(s): Genso-ken - Elemental Fist:
Weapon(s) description: Sealed Twin Bladed Tonfa.
Shikai (initial release): Four Blade Gauntlet.
Bankai (final release): A Sute that consists of all elemental powers the user has.
Element(s): Wind, water, lighting & Earth.
Affiliation: Soul Reaper.
Registered reaper #: 666.
D.O.B: 12 May.
Zodiac sign: Taurus.
Height: 135.1 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Blood type: O+.
Favorite foods: Lasagna, pizza, Fish, French Tost.
Least Favorite Foods: Veggies, Beef tongue .
Hobby: sleeping.
Special Attacks:
Erementarubāsuto - Elemental burst - the user forms an Elemental beem that can not be stopped.
Abatā ga bunkatsu - Avatar split - the user make copy's of his/her self.
Souru saisei - Soul Regeneration - The user gathers water and apples it to there cuts and Regenerates there skin cells.
Sourukaosubasutā - Soul Chaos Buster - A huge wave of wind followed by a wave of water.
Yōso no karitori - Element Reaping - If facing a foe that can manipulate elements once you've killed them you can get the Element power.
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